“After eighty-two events in sixty-two separate Nebraska locations, Mark Harris has created a captivating tribute to rodeo like no other.”    —Joel Sartore, National Geographic photographer

“Mark Harris’s rodeo photographs are simply stunning, particularly because they reveal aspects of this remarkably popular phenomenon that a casual observer never sees, and certainly doesn’t understand. The pictures are art, for sure, but they are more than art in the sense that they clearly show us how involved are entire families. We understand, of course, that modern rodeo is quintessentially western American. Not only are Mark’s photographs truly beautiful, technical mast
erpieces, but they also reveal everything from the violence to family engagement associated with that beauty. This book is truly collectible!” —John Janovy Jr., Paula and D. B. Varner Distinguished Professor in Biological Sciences, Emeritus, University of Nebraska at Lincoln; author, Keith County Journal

“Mark Harris forces the reader to do something very unusual in a book of photography: read the words. While his images are icing, his memories and observations are where
Rodeo Nebraska’s  most pleasing treasures lie.” —Jeff Kurrus, author and editor of NEBRASKAland Magazine

From the publisher
Eight years ago Mark Harris set out on a mission: to portray Nebraska’s contemporary rodeo culture more artistically and comprehensively in photographs than anyone ever has—and then write a book worthy of the photos. He photographed the competition, the rural crowds, and all things connected with them. He visited ranches that breed broncs, bulls, and speed horses, and spoke to hundreds of competitors. The photos here are driven by questions. What brings people to the sport? What is it like to compete in rodeo? How do the winners get so good? Harris gives us action shots, to be sure—bone-crushing falls and majestic rides. But he also turns his camera on the people: the communities that host rodeos and those who participate. Rodeo is more than a sport. In words and pictures, Mark Harris does it justice.

by Mark Harris

Published by The Nebraska State Historical Society

Copyright 2015. Rodeo Nebraska by Mark Harris. All Rights Reserved. 


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Mark Harris is the associate director of the University of Nebraska State Museum and a freelance photographer and writer contributing to NEBRASKAland Magazine. He grew up in McCook, Nebraska, and lives in Lincoln.

$34.95 ($31.45 for NSHS members), hardcover, 12” x 9.5”, 240 pages.

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Rodeo Nebraska